Digital Transformation Model: 5*IN Innovation at the heart of digital transformation

Innovation was and still is the main driver for growth. Digital disruption puts an accelerator on this driver. 5*IN is a transformation model to organise for innovation by integration of innovation with the new possibilities of the digitization.

Innovation was and still is the main driver for growth. Sure, cost reduction may increase profit on the short run, but eventually, when a company doesn’t innovate, business will slow down and growth will stop. Putting innovation at the centre of your success and therefor organizing for growth takes a combination of curiosity and experience.  Finding opportunities for your organization in the new economy, carefully handling the risks of disruptors on the one side, and working with the proven success methods of customer drivers. Because at the end, it a the human being making the majority of decision.

An attractive model to use is the 5*IN (developed bij SterkMerk BV).

The 5*IN model puts INnovation at the centre.  It INtegrates new enablers of the digital economy like the INternet of Things (IoT), whether these enables are process or product driven. The INnovationfunnel uses actively INformation generated out of Big Data (BD), in turn captured from the customer journey. At the same time, innovations facilitate and enable the modern customer INteraction, whether the journey runs by mobile, social, classic or omnichannel. Last but not least, it continues to make use of INsights, the successfully proven segmentation and decision tool based on customer drivers.


Want to learn more? Want to find our what and how the digital world will impact your industry and specifically your business? The 5*IN models helps you to identify your needs and nice to have. Cross-industry benchmarks will encourage you to thing in new business models. SterkMerk Consultancy & Interim Management can help the set up a business roadmap.

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