Blockchain & Agro: built TRUST Provenance in the Value Chain ( Herkomst Bekend )

The essence of Blochchain Technology (BCT) is the distributed ledger; it’s a TRUST protocol, based on crypto-technology. BCT embeds trust in the entire value chain.

By now, beginning 2018, we all have heard about the Blockchain and its promises. (If not, take a look at 2-3 videos at youtube, I’ll catch up in only a few minutes.)

With BCT, trust is embedded in the entire value chain. There is only 1 single version of the truth. And that can be of great usage for the food / agro industry. Why the food? Take a look a the value chain underneath.

Current value chains have several in-efficiencies:

A value chain, set up from the small holder’s farm, makes tracking & tracing easier. It enables provenance. At the same time, the process will run more efficient and reduce time and/or costs. Furthermore, it makes the world a better place, fair, due to less social and environmental issues.

Such promises, so many different added value opportunities: where to start? 

First of all, get started! Get familiar with the concept op BCT. Second, get your quartermaster to help prepare your organisation: raise awareness, educate, inspire. When you understand the mechanics, you could, facilitated by your quarter master be ready for selecting a use case, followed by choice of a fabric and BC-desing. By then, you need to collaborate and engage with your value chain partners and stakeholders and run a pilot.

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